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Many sex addicts seek gratification of their illness through sexual massage parlors, escort services and prostitutes. This often leads to some of the most damaging problems associated with compulsive sexual behavior. Having sex with prostitutes and strangers is an open invitation to diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, genital warts and of course the deadly disease AIDS. Sex addicts can find themselves in financial trouble if they are not able to keep up with the expense of prostitution. A normal person might ask "why not just stop if you cannot afford it?" but this is not an option for the sex addict.

Sexual addiction is characterized by several patterns and symptoms. Similar to other diseases, which addiction was classified as more than 30 years ago, sexual addiction is a progressive illness that continues to get worse unless interrupted and treated. Early signs include neglecting commitments and instead sexually acting out through fantasy which may or may not include prostitution. A sexual massage is of course a form of extramarital affair and one of the many threats to a stable home and family life. Having anonymous sex in a park or bathroom, or one night flings with a stranger can lead to disease and feelings of guilt and shame.

Sexual addiction is progressive and most sex addicts don't begin with prostitution and will not end with it either. Sexual addiction continues to get worse because it becomes more difficult to get the thrills or fix that earlier encounters provided. Beyond prostitution, sex addicts might find themselves at adult bookstores, watching others have sex, exposing themselves in public places or engaging in risky sexual behaviors where the chance of being caught is highly likely. A sex addict still might not see the overall problem even after being arrested for solicitation or intrusive acts.

Sex addicts are able to stay in denial about their disease because sexual addiction is so comfortable to them. Often it is all they know from a dysfunctional family that instilled a sense of self-loathing and inability to have healthy relationships. To the sex addict, sex is love and acceptance even if it comes from prostitutes, escorts or sexual massages.

Spencer Recovery Centers has been directing sex addicts and substance abusers to the help they need for over a decade. The Spencer Recovery Centers hotline is dedicated to answering your questions about sexual addiction and treatment. We know of many support groups and treatment centers that can assist you or a loved one who suffers from sexual addiction. The call is free and confidential so make it today.

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